About the Books 

The Hong Brothers Mysteries combine the classic ingredients of a good mystery - clues, suspects, red herrings - with the fun and relatable elements of a children’s book. While many children’s mysteries are chapter books, The Hong Brothers Mysteries are beautifully illustrated picture books that introduce the youngest readers to the mystery genre featuring Asian protagonists. 


Mysteries get kids to think critically and pay attention to details they might not otherwise notice. As you're reading the book, ask your little readers to look for clues and what their predictions are! 

Curious Case at the Carnival (New!) 

If you have found me, I am lost. 

Please get me home at any cost!

A bizarre riddle. A joker card. A mysterious bag.  Connor and Owen are on a quest to figure out who left these items behind. But can they solve the mystery before it's too late?

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Inner Page Mockup_hailey spread_edited
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The Mystery of the

Missing Dump Truck (2021)

In the first book of The Hong Brothers Mysteries, Connor and Owen discover that their favorite dump truck is missing! Who took it? Readers will have to pay attention to the clues to help Connor and Owen solve the mystery!